im hopelessly devwoted to you.

hello i'm ambro
i post about roleplay stuff and homestuck and things that i think are funny or cool
message me/ships and rp info/rp escapades

what better way to get back into parp than to deliver some mad prose as the lovely poet!equius

watch out for me

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so msparp is down and some of you need to add me on skype for roleplays or chatting and such! ambrosialgalaxy is mine, for anyone who wants it

wow, oh my gosh, i’ve been away from tumblr for super long. i’m really sorry if i didn’t message/keep in contact with you?

basically lots of shit happened. zero time for parping fun. but hey, i definitely would like to start up a rp if we talked about doing one in the past and then i suddenly dropped. just message me!!!

Which characters of these ships do you RP? Because I can do Rose, Vriska, Jade and Roxy that I know I'm decent with.

literally anyone! so i’d be glad to play whoever it is you don’t play honestly


seeing a hot guy walk by like


just went on an unfollow spree because a few people didn’t remember to tag triggers. looking to follow more people, my dash has been slow

reblog this if you post homestuck and i’ll check out your blog! especially if you post crokri, cromeen, kankat, erikat, erisol, ericro, rosemary and/or scourge sisters but i’m looking for mainly sfw blogs here so no porn

(also no anime blogs, sorry just not into that)

man, i really want more rp partners

you definitely should message me if you want to roleplay any of these lovely ships which i am really in the mood for

crokri, cromeen, kankat, ericro, erisol, erikat, equitav, vrismeen, erivris, rosekan, mitula, scourge sisters or meowrails!